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July 15, 2021

City Council to Award Equipment Procurement Contracts

The project design phase is now complete, and it is proceeding into its construction phase. The City issued a Request for Proposals on February 24, 2021, for the procurement of various hardware and software to be implemented along the project corridor. After a comprehensive evaluation process, the following vendors are recommended for contract awards for the various equipment categories:

  1. Western Systems (for Signal Cabinets)
  2. CT West (for Traffic Signal Controllers)
  3. Iteris, Inc. (for Vehicle Video Detection System)
  4. CT West (for Intersection Safety Analytics System)
  5. Western Systems (for Smart Streetlighting Control System)
  6. CT West (for Advanced Traffic Management System and Adaptive Traffic Signal Control systems)
  7. Econolite (for Traffic Signal Performance Measure System)
  8. Econolite (for Connected Vehicle Communication System)

The equipment contract awards will be presented to the City Council for award at its July 20, 2021 meeting. A separate construction contract will be presented to the City Council for award in September 2021 for the installation of new fiber optic communication lines and the procured equipment along the project corridor.

The total cost for the project’s equipment procurement is $3,524,158, and it will be funded by a secured grant from the Alameda County Transportation Commission.